DJI Carrying Case for Mavic 2

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DJI Carrying Case for Mavic 2
With its sleek, elegant form and rugged construction, the Pgytech Carrying Case for MAVIC 2 makes it easy to carry your compatible drone when on the go while also adding a stylish touch to your outfit.

Key Features
- The Pgytech Carrying Case for MAVIC 2 has an anti-shock EVA hard shell for optimum protection against damage from drops and dents.
- Built with dedicated sections for your drone and its associated accessories (each available separately), including batteries, a charging hub, and remote controller, the carrying case offers plenty of storage space while securely holding onto each piece.
- This carrying case for MAVIC 2 features a PU multi-layer waterproof exterior and a watertight zipper for enhanced water resistance.
- For added versatility, this Pgytech case has removable shoulder straps and a built-in handle for either easy slinging onto your shoulder or convenient carrying.
- The case is made for the MAVIC 2 drone only.
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